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Moving on up
July 30, 2010, 8:12 pm
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Well updating you guys on day four and five of doing our touch it and figure eight patterns. Well I have to say Pat is right about those Left Brain horses in that they learn quickly and don’t need much repetition, on the patterns DVD’s Pat said that you should do the pattern for 4-7 days closer to four for a left brained horse and closer to seven for a right brained horse and I think Phoebe has the two of them down really good after today which was day five. Β I feel like we are doing really well in level 2 now thanks to our lesson with Shelley because I feel we got some dominance issues sorted there so thanks again to Shelley πŸ˜€ I don’t feel we are stuck in level 2 now and I am working on the level 2 patterns and when I feel they are up to a good standard I am definitely going to send in my on line audition to see where we are πŸ˜€ Since I am quite happy with where we are in our on line work and I am going to continue on with the patterns there I have decided to try to focus more on my freestyle now while I have the time off school and am able to focus more on me and my horses πŸ˜€ So blue string here we come lol well when we get this freestyle stuff sorted out going to watch my freestyle patterns tonight and my levels pack arrived at my friend Claire’s house so going to get them on Sunday hopefully YAY πŸ˜€



Lots of learning and lots of fun
July 28, 2010, 10:12 pm
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Ok so for a week that started last Wednesday I have been studying lots of things on the concept of Horsenlity. These are the things I learned from studying:

  • I have learned more of what my horse needs when she flips horsenality sometimes. Which is now a new Savvy arrow for me when I am playing with my horses.
  • I have learned what all my different horses would excel at based on their horsenality. Something I never knew about horses before Parelli. I knew I wanted to do showjumping but never knew the real way to go about finding a horse suited for it and now that I know all about horsenalities I know what to look for in a horse to do certain disciplines when they have gone through the levels.
  • One thing I learned that is not necessarily to do with horsenality but I learned it because of the horsenality DVD is that no matter how many times I watch something to do with Parelli I can always learn something new everytime I see it again.
  • I have learned what is hard for my horse and what is easy for my horse to do based on her horsenality.
  • I have relearned a lot of things that I did know but had forgotten in the back of my mind that I really should have kept in the front of my mind such as the horsenality do’s and don’t’s.
  • I have learned what we want our horses to become eg. LBI’s we want them to be motivated, RBI’s we want them to become trusting of us.
  • I have learned how we can do the wrong things and not know it we can do things that upset the calm with a RBE, that blows the trust with a RBI, that ruins that motivation with a LBI, and that creates disobedience.
  • I have learned how and why Linda created the concept of Horsenality. It was to help people in the program because Pat had a way of knowing when to stop with a certain horse and when to keep going with another just by reading the horse. But Linda had to put it on paper and tehn she really made it easier for everyone so they too could know what horses to keep going with for longer and what horses they should end with at a certain time.

I really have learned a lot over the past week and hope to learn more about other subjects to do with Parelli.

So that is all to do with the part of the title that says lot’s of learning because I have done lot’s of learning lol and I hope to continue to learn about a different topic hopefully each week πŸ˜€

So onto the lot’s of fun that I have had Β so my great couple of days with Phoebe started out on SundayΒ  We went to the beach and I was playing mostly online with a bit of freestyle near the end of our play session. We played with change of direction on a circle in trot was great had a great draw into me and she felt so connectedΒ We just played about on that for a while on our 22ft but it started getting wrecked with water and sand lol There was a girl on the beach riding her horse too but she doesn’t do Parelli the horse got down and rolled Phoebe just looked at it as we trotted past without me holding onto the 22ft lol it was wrapped around her neck she cared more about me than the horse YAY Then just did some random riding around on the beach lol and went for a bit of a swim in the seaΒ 

Then on Monday I decided to try to move our online patterns up to level 2 standard so wanted to try out maybe the feet for touch it and see how we went with trotting a figure eight. Well I really just love how smart my little LBI is she got the idea straight away on both patterns it was so much fun we used the ramp of the horse box for our touch it but I didn’t have her face towards the inside had her facing as if she was going to walk across the ramp but we just went for a level 2 touch it it was greatΒ  Positivity goes a long wayΒ 

Yesterday I continued on with our online patterns and Phoebe actually offered to go into the trailer it was great she just walked right in after we did touch it on the ramp she is so funny she saw food and went right on up typical LBI lol Worked a bit on our yo-yo and squeeze games too trying to put them to a purpose back Phoebe over a pole and squeezed her between me and the trailer and when she turned and faced me I got her to just touch the side of the trailer with her nose πŸ˜€

Just did the same with Phoebe today by working on the patterns she is really starting to understand them now after only THREE DAYS she is so smart πŸ˜€ Β Tried the yearling/pony halter I have for Dreamer on her today and it fits her and she is less than five months old lol going to be a big horsey πŸ˜› Just played around a bit with the first three games because I haven’t played with her in a while have been letting her off to just be with her horsey pals and spending some undemanding time with her it’s great fun and she just loves to hang about until she gets a little LBE buzz and has to run around but she always comes back to me I love when she does that she wants to be with me YAY πŸ˜€

Well that’s all for now guys

Shauna πŸ˜€

It came YAY :D
July 24, 2010, 11:23 am
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Hey everyone,

Well I bet you are all wondering what came that I am so excited about. Well it’s my Parelli 22ft rope πŸ˜€ So it arrivied yesterday morning so I had to go out and play with Phoebe straight away to get a feel for my new rope. So I think that this was one of our best session yet I was so happy with it. We just started off by me trying to get Phoebe to catch me again and she was basically standing waiting for me but I wanted to draw her to me so I tried to get her curiosity up and walked behind her and she turned her hindquarters away and then I walked away from her and she was drawn towards me so good start to the session already πŸ˜€ Well once I haltered her we got on going to the barn. I gave her some hay and gave her a nice groom over still trying to find those itchy spots lol I have been searching for a long time now. When we headed out to the paddock which is our little playground I got her to squeeze through the gate ahead of me and turn and wait for me. We then went on to play a little bit of stick to me with a nice loose rope and it went pretty well did some walk trot and back up successfully. In the whole session we worked on lots of things did some touch it, figure eight, circling game while I was sitting on a chair lol, sideways and got a better yo yo from phase 1 in zone 1 along with a good driving game in zone 1 so things were going great on the ground with our new rope lol πŸ˜› So I decided to hope on I had her all saddled up during our play anyway just in case I decided to ride and had my hat with me but I forgot my 12ft which I need to use as reins on my halter so I tied her to the rail and went to the barn to get my 12ft and then I hopped on. She did great in our freestyle ride we did some follow the rail at a walk and a trot and I was really pleased with how she went so we did a little jump and the end and it turned into a two hour session πŸ˜€

At the minute I’m just finished watching the natural attraction DVD from the Success Series it’s really good πŸ˜€ Going to go over and help Claire out with two of her horses Solitare and Star should be good fun if the weather would get a bit nicer up here but aw well can’t stay away from horses lol Going to pay for the levels and the patterns today with Claire and they should be shipped out on Monday hopefully they will get here quickly YAY again πŸ˜€

That’s all from me and my herd for today really will update tonight or tomorrow TTYl


Busy, Busy, Busy
July 22, 2010, 10:45 pm
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God have I been busy,

I really have neglected coming on here because of being busy 😦 I’m sorry whoever actually comes onto my boring little blog lol πŸ˜›

So what has been going on that I’m so busy you ask? Well I have been getting the place ready for the Parelli get started lessons I hosted here on Saturday the 17th of July and since then have been recovering from doing so much work lol So I shall fill you guys in on the whole thing πŸ˜€

So our PP for the day was Shelley O’Doherty. She is a 1* PP and she came all the way from Limerick. Isn’t she so great πŸ˜€ Yay. So Shelley came up with Ellie (who is from Kerry, lots of rhyming going on there) on Friday the 16th and stayed the night. Β So we were due to start the first lesson at half nine Saturday morning. Had everything ready to go with all the stables all clean for everyone and said for people to arrive around nine. Two of our friend ended up having loading problems so we ended up starting about an hour later than planned but it was ok by everyone. For the first half an hour it was without horses and just an introduction to Shelley and the program to the four participants. Shelley told them all about the seven games, zoneology, phases and how horses are prey animals and think we are going to kill them to give everyone an understanding of the basics. They then went out to get the horses and during the course of the lesson played with games one to three with their horses. I did get to watch some of this but half way through people started arriving for the second lesson so was busy showing them where to park and put their horses.

After that it was really time to start on the food, had me, dad, and three of dad’s friends all helping out with food at the time. By the time everything was just about ready the lesson was just finished and people were busy asking Shelley some questions on Parelli. Everyone seemed happy with their lesson and was interested in Parelli and wanted to see more so it went really well. When everyone was finished with food and had a rest we started over again with the second lesson and it went the same as the first except I actually got to watch more of this one because I didn’t have as much to do at this stage.

After the lesson people got ready to go and I headed out to the field to take Phoebe in for our own lesson. I asked Shelley about our sideways game and the first thing Shelley noticed was how LBE I was and how LBI Phoebe was lol So I had to go down to her energy level and we had to be a bit more in harmony. It all went really well and we worked on Phoebe’s dominance issues that I had kind of not noticed or ignored until this point and we ended up more in harmony at the end of our lesson. Did some work on walking somewhere with a purpose, stick to me, driving from zone 3, focusing my focus, getting Phoebe to move off the slightest pressure, and eventually our sideways after fixing up our driving game a little bit and doing our sideways from a circle first. All in all I LOVED it for a first lesson and will be getting another at some point πŸ˜€

The best thing that came out of the whole day was that we got a new member of the Savvy club πŸ˜€ She only lives about fifteen minutes around the road from me so I now have my very own Parelli buddy YAY. πŸ˜€ Her name is Claire πŸ˜€

So onto more recent stuff πŸ˜›

Yesterday afternoon I headed round the road on Phoebe in our halter and 12ft rope to show Claire the rest of the games just using Phoebe as a demo horse. Phoebe seemed kinda bored from doing this because well she is LBI lol but she did great love my little horsey πŸ˜€ and I gave Claire her very own Parelli folder with lots of info in it πŸ˜€

Think that’s all from me other than OMG Dreamer is four and a half months old in a month and a half it will be time to wean her :O


Great weekend
June 13, 2010, 1:42 pm
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Hey everyone πŸ˜€
So this weekend has been the best weekend ever.
So yesterday I was meant to go for a trek up the forest with my dad’s friends Geraldine, Emma, and Linda. They all cancelled so instead I went around the road to the arena that is 15 minutes from our house. I went over there to do a bit of online and freestyle work with Phoebe. There was this huge water jump thing that can be placed over showjumps over in the arena so I was really using what I had in the arena so we played touch it with it since the water part of it was really a tarp it was great we got all the way up to a level 3 touch down after a while πŸ˜€ After playing on line I hopped on up on her. We did follow the rail in walk for a while and I was very happy with how that all went then we went on to do a bit of jumping training and Phoebe was jumping about 2 feet above the jump every time. Was really happy with her canter in our freestyle work today it has really really come on loads.

I then went out to Dreamer and was going to play some friendly game with her πŸ˜€ She is now three months old and we played with a saddle pad and a bit. She took the saddle pad well was a bit unsure sometimes but she was mostly ok with it πŸ˜€
Then I just let her sniff the bit and she grabbed it right out of my hand and was playing away with it lol

Today I was again meant to go on a trek up the forest with Emma and Geraldine and when we got out there and had Phoebe all tacked up and ready to go Emma rang and said that Bobby was travelling badly and that they had gone home. So I went on up the forest on my own for about and hour and a half, just me and Phoebe. I just let Phoebe say which direction we went so we went exploring and ended up at three dead ends and four places I had never been and it was the best fun ever Phoebe wanted to jump a HUGE log but we were riding in my western saddle and I don’t feel confidant jumping in my western saddle but I would have went for it if I had of had my english saddle but aw well it was the best weekend ever πŸ˜€

Shauna and her horse gang πŸ˜›

Proud of my little baby :P
May 9, 2010, 7:26 pm
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Hey everyone,

So today I played with George and Phoebe again.

I took George into the round pen and played the seven games with him and then I started playing the circling game with an obstacle which was an 18″ jump. He was a little bit wary at first about going over it so I put it on the ground first of all just as a pole on the ground and he did great over it so I put it up on two little buckets and tried to get him to circle over it and he did great he jumped it each way as if he had been jumping all his life and he looked like a pro doing it will have to get a video or picture up during the week of him πŸ˜€ After that dad decided we should see how he would be about going onto the horse trailer. We put both the back ramp and the side ramp down and I walked onto the side ramp first and walked him from the front to the back and he did great followed me right up stopped and went right down then did it from the back ramp to the side ramp and stopped up at the top and again he did great just as if he had done it before when he hasn’t been on a trailer since he was a foal with his mother. So I am really proud of my little baby.

Then we took Phoebe and Bobby to the beach to try to clear Bobby’s cut in the salt water of the beach. It worked great and now Bobby’s leg is all better. Phoebe did great had a good long canter in our halter and next time dad says we can go for a good gallop just wanted to keep the pace slow enough for Bobby to stay sound but he was great anyway.

So I had a great day with all of my horses have to get out and play with Dreamer again next week to keep her happy. She is turning grey really really fast now its shocking lol

That’s all for now from

Shauna and the gang. πŸ˜€

Great day with two great horses
May 9, 2010, 12:09 am
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Hey guys,

Not been posting in a while got so much work to do each day but I will try and keep this updated a bit more often for anyone who wants to read it.

So today I got to work with two of the horses. Phoebe and my dad’s three year old RBE George.

The two of them are great fun to play with as they are both opposites most of the time except when George starts going a little bit left brained and starts to digest what we have done in his little brain πŸ˜€

So I have only been working with George for a few days but things are really going well with him except he is still a bit afraid when it comes to the friendly game he is a bit scared when I go to throw the rope over his back I think he will get there eventually as he is only 3 right now. His circling has gotten so much better as he used to not go in the direction asked or just try to tear off really fast and now he slows down to a lovely slow trot will be working on trying to get a walk soon enough as well. I am loving his yo yo game and sideways game right now he just gets the idea of the two games so easily I am so proud of him he is my little baby and I love how well he is doing as he used to be very very frightful all the time and he has calmed down and relaxed a lot since I have being doing PNH with him it is so much fun working with him as he is the opposite to all three of my other horses being Right brained where as my horses are all left brained.

Okay now onto Phoebe who I am so so proud of today πŸ˜€ Well we mixed everything up today by going from game 7 down to game 1 it was so much fun as Phoebe was looking at me like oh what are we going to do next? I love when she gets that look in her eyes it makes me feel like I am doing something right with her πŸ˜€ I was so happy when we where doing some other stuff at how quickly she moved into the different things that I asked for I asked her to move her front end full circle with the driving game then her hind end full circle with the driving game then went straight into sideways game and she just went yep I know what you want sideways we go I am so proud of my horses today πŸ˜€ Me and Phoebe have nearly passed level 1 I am so so excited πŸ˜€

Well that’s all today from:
Shauna and the gang