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Great day with two great horses
May 9, 2010, 12:09 am
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Hey guys,

Not been posting in a while got so much work to do each day but I will try and keep this updated a bit more often for anyone who wants to read it.

So today I got to work with two of the horses. Phoebe and my dad’s three year old RBE George.

The two of them are great fun to play with as they are both opposites most of the time except when George starts going a little bit left brained and starts to digest what we have done in his little brain 😀

So I have only been working with George for a few days but things are really going well with him except he is still a bit afraid when it comes to the friendly game he is a bit scared when I go to throw the rope over his back I think he will get there eventually as he is only 3 right now. His circling has gotten so much better as he used to not go in the direction asked or just try to tear off really fast and now he slows down to a lovely slow trot will be working on trying to get a walk soon enough as well. I am loving his yo yo game and sideways game right now he just gets the idea of the two games so easily I am so proud of him he is my little baby and I love how well he is doing as he used to be very very frightful all the time and he has calmed down and relaxed a lot since I have being doing PNH with him it is so much fun working with him as he is the opposite to all three of my other horses being Right brained where as my horses are all left brained.

Okay now onto Phoebe who I am so so proud of today 😀 Well we mixed everything up today by going from game 7 down to game 1 it was so much fun as Phoebe was looking at me like oh what are we going to do next? I love when she gets that look in her eyes it makes me feel like I am doing something right with her 😀 I was so happy when we where doing some other stuff at how quickly she moved into the different things that I asked for I asked her to move her front end full circle with the driving game then her hind end full circle with the driving game then went straight into sideways game and she just went yep I know what you want sideways we go I am so proud of my horses today 😀 Me and Phoebe have nearly passed level 1 I am so so excited 😀

Well that’s all today from:
Shauna and the gang


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