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Proud of my little baby :P
May 9, 2010, 7:26 pm
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Hey everyone,

So today I played with George and Phoebe again.

I took George into the round pen and played the seven games with him and then I started playing the circling game with an obstacle which was an 18″ jump. He was a little bit wary at first about going over it so I put it on the ground first of all just as a pole on the ground and he did great over it so I put it up on two little buckets and tried to get him to circle over it and he did great he jumped it each way as if he had been jumping all his life and he looked like a pro doing it will have to get a video or picture up during the week of him 😀 After that dad decided we should see how he would be about going onto the horse trailer. We put both the back ramp and the side ramp down and I walked onto the side ramp first and walked him from the front to the back and he did great followed me right up stopped and went right down then did it from the back ramp to the side ramp and stopped up at the top and again he did great just as if he had done it before when he hasn’t been on a trailer since he was a foal with his mother. So I am really proud of my little baby.

Then we took Phoebe and Bobby to the beach to try to clear Bobby’s cut in the salt water of the beach. It worked great and now Bobby’s leg is all better. Phoebe did great had a good long canter in our halter and next time dad says we can go for a good gallop just wanted to keep the pace slow enough for Bobby to stay sound but he was great anyway.

So I had a great day with all of my horses have to get out and play with Dreamer again next week to keep her happy. She is turning grey really really fast now its shocking lol

That’s all for now from

Shauna and the gang. 😀


Great day with two great horses
May 9, 2010, 12:09 am
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Hey guys,

Not been posting in a while got so much work to do each day but I will try and keep this updated a bit more often for anyone who wants to read it.

So today I got to work with two of the horses. Phoebe and my dad’s three year old RBE George.

The two of them are great fun to play with as they are both opposites most of the time except when George starts going a little bit left brained and starts to digest what we have done in his little brain 😀

So I have only been working with George for a few days but things are really going well with him except he is still a bit afraid when it comes to the friendly game he is a bit scared when I go to throw the rope over his back I think he will get there eventually as he is only 3 right now. His circling has gotten so much better as he used to not go in the direction asked or just try to tear off really fast and now he slows down to a lovely slow trot will be working on trying to get a walk soon enough as well. I am loving his yo yo game and sideways game right now he just gets the idea of the two games so easily I am so proud of him he is my little baby and I love how well he is doing as he used to be very very frightful all the time and he has calmed down and relaxed a lot since I have being doing PNH with him it is so much fun working with him as he is the opposite to all three of my other horses being Right brained where as my horses are all left brained.

Okay now onto Phoebe who I am so so proud of today 😀 Well we mixed everything up today by going from game 7 down to game 1 it was so much fun as Phoebe was looking at me like oh what are we going to do next? I love when she gets that look in her eyes it makes me feel like I am doing something right with her 😀 I was so happy when we where doing some other stuff at how quickly she moved into the different things that I asked for I asked her to move her front end full circle with the driving game then her hind end full circle with the driving game then went straight into sideways game and she just went yep I know what you want sideways we go I am so proud of my horses today 😀 Me and Phoebe have nearly passed level 1 I am so so excited 😀

Well that’s all today from:
Shauna and the gang

26th April 2010
April 26, 2010, 8:23 pm
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Dear friends,

Today has been the best horse day EVER :D:D I first of all went out to Patch who is being kept in the round pen at the minute because his feet are a bit sore right now and he needs to be kept in a small area so I decided that I would start out my level 1 journey with Patch too but I won’t be advancing as quickly with him as I am with my other two because I won’t have as much time to work with him as Phoebe or Dreamer. Well he used to be afraid of the carrot stick and be stuck in RB mode when ever he saw it it was so so weird since he is usually a confident little pony but today I got to rub it all over him so I decided to end on a good note and just started a little bit of porcupine and then game him some haylage to keep him happy 😀

Then I went out to Dreamer and again for like the third day in a row she did so so well with what we were doing no hesitation at all. We did plenty of friendly she is so so good at it we have passed level 1 friendly game for sure by now and we are nearly done with level 2 friendly now too I’m so so proud of her right now. Her porcupine is coming along great and we are finally getting good at our driving game too, today we got to move onto a better yo-yo game she is starting to get the hang of that too I am getting good at my phases in the yo-yo game too I’m proud of my and of her 😀  I let the rope off of her and we did our friendly, porcupine, and driving games at liberty too I wasn’t going to do it but she just wouldn’t leave me alone and wanted to play so so much lol After that I walked away and she shouted back to me but I just sat on the ground a good 60 feet away from her she called again and she came galloping up to me I was so happy I nearly started crying with joy!

Next we have Phoebe 😀 So I took Patch into a stable so that I could use the round pen with Phoebe. We used to have a problem with the driving game and so I started with advice I got from Maire from the savvy club and it went great. Started out with loads of friendly game like with Dreamer and like with Dreamer we are nearly done with level 2 friendly game 😀 We then did some porcupine which Phoebe is getting pretty good at and started with the driving game and it went really well again it was me not the horses they sure knew what they were doing I just didn’t but now that I got a little bit of help it is going really well and we even got a bit of yo-yo as well it was great so I hoped on up on her and we did a little bit of the pushing passenger and had a great walk and trot around freestyle I loved how all the horses went today 😀

Well that’s it for today,

Shauna and the gang 😀

25th April 2010
April 25, 2010, 5:57 pm
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Dear Friends,

Today was the second day of the Louth County show and I am so happy with Phoebe. We jumped in the one metre class today and we had eight faults we had one refusal and one jump knocked down so we only got to do our first round because of having faults in the first round but I am very happy with how she went she was a bit RBE when she refused which was part of the problem but I got her back under control and she went back to her usual showjumping self which is mainly LBE she has so many changing horsenalties lol

So when I went home I went out to the yard to see the rest of the horses. I groomed Patch over and got most of his hairs off because he is shedding like crazy lol. I then headed out to the field after about half an hour of just grooming Patch over and he loved it. When I went out to the field I just sat down and George my dad’s three year old came cantering up to me it was a great feeling to have him want to come up to me. I just spent some time with him and didn’t play with him as he didn’t seem to be in the mood so I just left him alone for a while and went over to Dreamer. I started off with the friendly game as usual and then did the porcupine game and today I went a little further with the driving game today and she moved her front end over left and right and she even took a couple of steps back I was so so proud so decided to see if we could do anything with the yo-yo game and we got two steps back and then two steps forward so I am very proud of all my horses today 😀

that’s all for now

Shauna and the gang

24th April 2010
April 24, 2010, 3:19 pm
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Hi everyone 😀

So today I took Phoebe to the Louth show it’s her first grass show of the year and she loved it got a bit overexcited but that was just her extroverted behaviour coming out in her. She is a bit of a complicated horse to figure out she is mostly LBI on the ground work but can be a bit extroverted sometimes if I didn’t do online work with her before riding at home she would be crazy RBE and it is a very scary ride sometimes but if you do your prior and proper preparation on the ground then she is either LBI or LBE and today was she LBE it was great we were jumping great in the warm up and she had a nice relaxed canter at first and was jumping high but once we got into the main jumping ring her extroverted side just came out with a bang she was up on the bridle and light on the forehand and bringing controlled power from her hind legs I was so proud of all our hard work paying off for us 😀 We did have one run out but it was my fault I could see it coming and really did nothing about it so I really should have done something but we got back over it and the rest of the course went like a dream did I mention I was so so so proud of her lol 😀 So that was all I did with Phoebe today so we came home and left her out to the field and I will take her back in later on to get her ready for tomorrows jumping 😀 we are going in the 1m tomorrow today we went in the 90cm class 😀

So when I came home I decided I would play a little bit with Dreamer and she was as her name says a dream today lol she does not normally behave like a dream as her name would imply though lol We only really played at liberty today and had  a great time did a bit online and finally got the idea of the driving game it must have been just me because I couldn’t do it with Phoebe or Dreamer but since getting help from Maire from the savvy club I figured it out in my head it just wasn’t connecting with me but now we have it well at least me and Dreamer do we shall see about Phoebe later on in the week 😀

That’s all today from me

Shauna and the gang 😀

23rd April 2010
April 23, 2010, 10:22 pm
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Dear all my Parelli friends 😀

Well today I only did some work with Phoebe and hung around with Dreamer and the others in that field. When I took Phoebe in just put her halter on and started playing with the first two games because they are the only ones we can do well at all at the minute we started a bit on the driving game and got a step back after going to an extreme phase three but she just didn’t seem to be getting it right now but we did a bit of circling and squeeze games anyway and then I hoped on her and we eventually jumped up to 1.10m in our halter and bareback so had a great time today 😀

That’s all from me today guys,


21st of April 2010
April 21, 2010, 6:40 pm
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Hey everyone 😀

So today our playground had horses grazing in it so we couldn’t use that to play in when I wanted to play with Dreamer so we played touch it with the trailer and played some of the seven games around the trailer too 😀 Still haven’t really got the hang of the driving game but that’s just me not Dreamer obviously because they already know the seven games 😀  So she played level 1 of touch it everywhere on the trailer it was great got her mammy to walk straight on and she normally doesn’t even like the trailer so I was pretty happy with her today as well as with Dreamer so we had a productive day 😀

Onto Phoebe 😀 So I decided to ride out again today she seemed ok with the seven games today so I hopped on up and off we went around the field with Bobby still there because I normally ride in my playground too so just stuck to the field and Bobby kept trying to protect us from the horses in the playground and we didn’t really get to do much so this was annoying Phoebe as she was in one of her extroverted days so I hopped off and we played online a bit she walked trotted and cantered beside me it was great did a little drop jump up and down after me she is such a little show of online isn’t she? Again need to figure the driving game out a bit for myself and how to use it with my girls because I just seem to have a mental block with it and we need it for the other games further on so we are kind of stuck there but we are getting creative with other stuff and trying to keep moving forward so we are getting there.  I am also saving up for the new level 1/2 so if we can get that then I will be very happy and hopefully it will unstick me lol if that is even a word 😀

So that’s all for today,

From Shauna and the gang 😀