Shauna's Parelli Journal

It came YAY :D
July 24, 2010, 11:23 am
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Hey everyone,

Well I bet you are all wondering what came that I am so excited about. Well it’s my Parelli 22ft rope 😀 So it arrivied yesterday morning so I had to go out and play with Phoebe straight away to get a feel for my new rope. So I think that this was one of our best session yet I was so happy with it. We just started off by me trying to get Phoebe to catch me again and she was basically standing waiting for me but I wanted to draw her to me so I tried to get her curiosity up and walked behind her and she turned her hindquarters away and then I walked away from her and she was drawn towards me so good start to the session already 😀 Well once I haltered her we got on going to the barn. I gave her some hay and gave her a nice groom over still trying to find those itchy spots lol I have been searching for a long time now. When we headed out to the paddock which is our little playground I got her to squeeze through the gate ahead of me and turn and wait for me. We then went on to play a little bit of stick to me with a nice loose rope and it went pretty well did some walk trot and back up successfully. In the whole session we worked on lots of things did some touch it, figure eight, circling game while I was sitting on a chair lol, sideways and got a better yo yo from phase 1 in zone 1 along with a good driving game in zone 1 so things were going great on the ground with our new rope lol 😛 So I decided to hope on I had her all saddled up during our play anyway just in case I decided to ride and had my hat with me but I forgot my 12ft which I need to use as reins on my halter so I tied her to the rail and went to the barn to get my 12ft and then I hopped on. She did great in our freestyle ride we did some follow the rail at a walk and a trot and I was really pleased with how she went so we did a little jump and the end and it turned into a two hour session 😀

At the minute I’m just finished watching the natural attraction DVD from the Success Series it’s really good 😀 Going to go over and help Claire out with two of her horses Solitare and Star should be good fun if the weather would get a bit nicer up here but aw well can’t stay away from horses lol Going to pay for the levels and the patterns today with Claire and they should be shipped out on Monday hopefully they will get here quickly YAY again 😀

That’s all from me and my herd for today really will update tonight or tomorrow TTYl



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