Shauna's Parelli Journal

26th April 2010
April 26, 2010, 8:23 pm
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Dear friends,

Today has been the best horse day EVER :D:D I first of all went out to Patch who is being kept in the round pen at the minute because his feet are a bit sore right now and he needs to be kept in a small area so I decided that I would start out my level 1 journey with Patch too but I won’t be advancing as quickly with him as I am with my other two because I won’t have as much time to work with him as Phoebe or Dreamer. Well he used to be afraid of the carrot stick and be stuck in RB mode when ever he saw it it was so so weird since he is usually a confident little pony but today I got to rub it all over him so I decided to end on a good note and just started a little bit of porcupine and then game him some haylage to keep him happy πŸ˜€

Then I went out to Dreamer and again for like the third day in a row she did so so well with what we were doing no hesitation at all. We did plenty of friendly she is so so good at it we have passed level 1 friendly game for sure by now and we are nearly done with level 2 friendly now too I’m so so proud of her right now. Her porcupine is coming along great and we are finally getting good at our driving game too, today we got to move onto a better yo-yo game she is starting to get the hang of that too I am getting good at my phases in the yo-yo game too I’m proud of my and of her πŸ˜€ Β I let the rope off of her and we did our friendly, porcupine, and driving games at liberty too I wasn’t going to do it but she just wouldn’t leave me alone and wanted to play so so much lol After that I walked away and she shouted back to me but I just sat on the ground a good 60 feet away from her she called again and she came galloping up to me I was so happy I nearly started crying with joy!

Next we have Phoebe πŸ˜€ So I took Patch into a stable so that I could use the round pen with Phoebe. We used to have a problem with the driving game and so I started with advice I got from Maire from the savvy club and it went great. Started out with loads of friendly game like with Dreamer and like with Dreamer we are nearly done with level 2 friendly game πŸ˜€ We then did some porcupine which Phoebe is getting pretty good at and started with the driving game and it went really well again it was me not the horses they sure knew what they were doing I just didn’t but now that I got a little bit of help it is going really well and we even got a bit of yo-yo as well it was great so I hoped on up on her and we did a little bit of the pushing passenger and had a great walk and trot around freestyle I loved how all the horses went today πŸ˜€

Well that’s it for today,

Shauna and the gang πŸ˜€


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