Shauna's Parelli Journal

25th April 2010
April 25, 2010, 5:57 pm
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Dear Friends,

Today was the second day of the Louth County show and I am so happy with Phoebe. We jumped in the one metre class today and we had eight faults we had one refusal and one jump knocked down so we only got to do our first round because of having faults in the first round but I am very happy with how she went she was a bit RBE when she refused which was part of the problem but I got her back under control and she went back to her usual showjumping self which is mainly LBE she has so many changing horsenalties lol

So when I went home I went out to the yard to see the rest of the horses. I groomed Patch over and got most of his hairs off because he is shedding like crazy lol. I then headed out to the field after about half an hour of just grooming Patch over and he loved it. When I went out to the field I just sat down and George my dad’s three year old came cantering up to me it was a great feeling to have him want to come up to me. I just spent some time with him and didn’t play with him as he didn’t seem to be in the mood so I just left him alone for a while and went over to Dreamer. I started off with the friendly game as usual and then did the porcupine game and today I went a little further with the driving game today and she moved her front end over left and right and she even took a couple of steps back I was so so proud so decided to see if we could do anything with the yo-yo game and we got two steps back and then two steps forward so I am very proud of all my horses today 😀

that’s all for now

Shauna and the gang


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