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Busy, Busy, Busy
July 22, 2010, 10:45 pm
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God have I been busy,

I really have neglected coming on here because of being busy 😦 I’m sorry whoever actually comes onto my boring little blog lol 😛

So what has been going on that I’m so busy you ask? Well I have been getting the place ready for the Parelli get started lessons I hosted here on Saturday the 17th of July and since then have been recovering from doing so much work lol So I shall fill you guys in on the whole thing 😀

So our PP for the day was Shelley O’Doherty. She is a 1* PP and she came all the way from Limerick. Isn’t she so great 😀 Yay. So Shelley came up with Ellie (who is from Kerry, lots of rhyming going on there) on Friday the 16th and stayed the night.  So we were due to start the first lesson at half nine Saturday morning. Had everything ready to go with all the stables all clean for everyone and said for people to arrive around nine. Two of our friend ended up having loading problems so we ended up starting about an hour later than planned but it was ok by everyone. For the first half an hour it was without horses and just an introduction to Shelley and the program to the four participants. Shelley told them all about the seven games, zoneology, phases and how horses are prey animals and think we are going to kill them to give everyone an understanding of the basics. They then went out to get the horses and during the course of the lesson played with games one to three with their horses. I did get to watch some of this but half way through people started arriving for the second lesson so was busy showing them where to park and put their horses.

After that it was really time to start on the food, had me, dad, and three of dad’s friends all helping out with food at the time. By the time everything was just about ready the lesson was just finished and people were busy asking Shelley some questions on Parelli. Everyone seemed happy with their lesson and was interested in Parelli and wanted to see more so it went really well. When everyone was finished with food and had a rest we started over again with the second lesson and it went the same as the first except I actually got to watch more of this one because I didn’t have as much to do at this stage.

After the lesson people got ready to go and I headed out to the field to take Phoebe in for our own lesson. I asked Shelley about our sideways game and the first thing Shelley noticed was how LBE I was and how LBI Phoebe was lol So I had to go down to her energy level and we had to be a bit more in harmony. It all went really well and we worked on Phoebe’s dominance issues that I had kind of not noticed or ignored until this point and we ended up more in harmony at the end of our lesson. Did some work on walking somewhere with a purpose, stick to me, driving from zone 3, focusing my focus, getting Phoebe to move off the slightest pressure, and eventually our sideways after fixing up our driving game a little bit and doing our sideways from a circle first. All in all I LOVED it for a first lesson and will be getting another at some point 😀

The best thing that came out of the whole day was that we got a new member of the Savvy club 😀 She only lives about fifteen minutes around the road from me so I now have my very own Parelli buddy YAY. 😀 Her name is Claire 😀

So onto more recent stuff 😛

Yesterday afternoon I headed round the road on Phoebe in our halter and 12ft rope to show Claire the rest of the games just using Phoebe as a demo horse. Phoebe seemed kinda bored from doing this because well she is LBI lol but she did great love my little horsey 😀 and I gave Claire her very own Parelli folder with lots of info in it 😀

Think that’s all from me other than OMG Dreamer is four and a half months old in a month and a half it will be time to wean her :O



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