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Great weekend
June 13, 2010, 1:42 pm
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Hey everyone 😀
So this weekend has been the best weekend ever.
So yesterday I was meant to go for a trek up the forest with my dad’s friends Geraldine, Emma, and Linda. They all cancelled so instead I went around the road to the arena that is 15 minutes from our house. I went over there to do a bit of online and freestyle work with Phoebe. There was this huge water jump thing that can be placed over showjumps over in the arena so I was really using what I had in the arena so we played touch it with it since the water part of it was really a tarp it was great we got all the way up to a level 3 touch down after a while 😀 After playing on line I hopped on up on her. We did follow the rail in walk for a while and I was very happy with how that all went then we went on to do a bit of jumping training and Phoebe was jumping about 2 feet above the jump every time. Was really happy with her canter in our freestyle work today it has really really come on loads.

I then went out to Dreamer and was going to play some friendly game with her 😀 She is now three months old and we played with a saddle pad and a bit. She took the saddle pad well was a bit unsure sometimes but she was mostly ok with it 😀
Then I just let her sniff the bit and she grabbed it right out of my hand and was playing away with it lol

Today I was again meant to go on a trek up the forest with Emma and Geraldine and when we got out there and had Phoebe all tacked up and ready to go Emma rang and said that Bobby was travelling badly and that they had gone home. So I went on up the forest on my own for about and hour and a half, just me and Phoebe. I just let Phoebe say which direction we went so we went exploring and ended up at three dead ends and four places I had never been and it was the best fun ever Phoebe wanted to jump a HUGE log but we were riding in my western saddle and I don’t feel confidant jumping in my western saddle but I would have went for it if I had of had my english saddle but aw well it was the best weekend ever 😀

Shauna and her horse gang 😛


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YEAH!!!!! Sounds like you’re having a savvy, successful, and splendid time! You keep it up, Shauna, and I’ll see you in Pagosa some time – you sound really savvy!!

Esther, King, Angel, and Mr. Duncan

Comment by KingDuncan

Aw thanks so much Esther 😀 you are so nice 😀


Comment by savvylover112

Hey! My name’s Jane. I’m part of the parelli savvy club, and i saw your post on the boards about being lonely and feeling unmotivated. i know exactly how you feel! I saw the link to your wordpress blog and thought i’d send you a message on here too! my blog is and my email is !!

Comment by Jane

Thank you so much Jane for commenting that was so nice of you I will have to drop you an email at some stage 😀


Comment by savvylover112

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