Shauna's Parelli Journal

24th April 2010
April 24, 2010, 3:19 pm
Filed under: Parelli

Hi everyone 😀

So today I took Phoebe to the Louth show it’s her first grass show of the year and she loved it got a bit overexcited but that was just her extroverted behaviour coming out in her. She is a bit of a complicated horse to figure out she is mostly LBI on the ground work but can be a bit extroverted sometimes if I didn’t do online work with her before riding at home she would be crazy RBE and it is a very scary ride sometimes but if you do your prior and proper preparation on the ground then she is either LBI or LBE and today was she LBE it was great we were jumping great in the warm up and she had a nice relaxed canter at first and was jumping high but once we got into the main jumping ring her extroverted side just came out with a bang she was up on the bridle and light on the forehand and bringing controlled power from her hind legs I was so proud of all our hard work paying off for us 😀 We did have one run out but it was my fault I could see it coming and really did nothing about it so I really should have done something but we got back over it and the rest of the course went like a dream did I mention I was so so so proud of her lol 😀 So that was all I did with Phoebe today so we came home and left her out to the field and I will take her back in later on to get her ready for tomorrows jumping 😀 we are going in the 1m tomorrow today we went in the 90cm class 😀

So when I came home I decided I would play a little bit with Dreamer and she was as her name says a dream today lol she does not normally behave like a dream as her name would imply though lol We only really played at liberty today and had  a great time did a bit online and finally got the idea of the driving game it must have been just me because I couldn’t do it with Phoebe or Dreamer but since getting help from Maire from the savvy club I figured it out in my head it just wasn’t connecting with me but now we have it well at least me and Dreamer do we shall see about Phoebe later on in the week 😀

That’s all today from me

Shauna and the gang 😀


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