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Moving on up
July 30, 2010, 8:12 pm
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Well updating you guys on day four and five of doing our touch it and figure eight patterns. Well I have to say Pat is right about those Left Brain horses in that they learn quickly and don’t need much repetition, on the patterns DVD’s Pat said that you should do the pattern for 4-7 days closer to four for a left brained horse and closer to seven for a right brained horse and I think Phoebe has the two of them down really good after today which was day five.  I feel like we are doing really well in level 2 now thanks to our lesson with Shelley because I feel we got some dominance issues sorted there so thanks again to Shelley 😀 I don’t feel we are stuck in level 2 now and I am working on the level 2 patterns and when I feel they are up to a good standard I am definitely going to send in my on line audition to see where we are 😀 Since I am quite happy with where we are in our on line work and I am going to continue on with the patterns there I have decided to try to focus more on my freestyle now while I have the time off school and am able to focus more on me and my horses 😀 So blue string here we come lol well when we get this freestyle stuff sorted out going to watch my freestyle patterns tonight and my levels pack arrived at my friend Claire’s house so going to get them on Sunday hopefully YAY 😀



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