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Lots of learning and lots of fun
July 28, 2010, 10:12 pm
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Ok so for a week that started last Wednesday I have been studying lots of things on the concept of Horsenlity. These are the things I learned from studying:

  • I have learned more of what my horse needs when she flips horsenality sometimes. Which is now a new Savvy arrow for me when I am playing with my horses.
  • I have learned what all my different horses would excel at based on their horsenality. Something I never knew about horses before Parelli. I knew I wanted to do showjumping but never knew the real way to go about finding a horse suited for it and now that I know all about horsenalities I know what to look for in a horse to do certain disciplines when they have gone through the levels.
  • One thing I learned that is not necessarily to do with horsenality but I learned it because of the horsenality DVD is that no matter how many times I watch something to do with Parelli I can always learn something new everytime I see it again.
  • I have learned what is hard for my horse and what is easy for my horse to do based on her horsenality.
  • I have relearned a lot of things that I did know but had forgotten in the back of my mind that I really should have kept in the front of my mind such as the horsenality do’s and don’t’s.
  • I have learned what we want our horses to become eg. LBI’s we want them to be motivated, RBI’s we want them to become trusting of us.
  • I have learned how we can do the wrong things and not know it we can do things that upset the calm with a RBE, that blows the trust with a RBI, that ruins that motivation with a LBI, and that creates disobedience.
  • I have learned how and why Linda created the concept of Horsenality. It was to help people in the program because Pat had a way of knowing when to stop with a certain horse and when to keep going with another just by reading the horse. But Linda had to put it on paper and tehn she really made it easier for everyone so they too could know what horses to keep going with for longer and what horses they should end with at a certain time.

I really have learned a lot over the past week and hope to learn more about other subjects to do with Parelli.

So that is all to do with the part of the title that says lot’s of learning because I have done lot’s of learning lol and I hope to continue to learn about a different topic hopefully each week 😀

So onto the lot’s of fun that I have had  so my great couple of days with Phoebe started out on Sunday  We went to the beach and I was playing mostly online with a bit of freestyle near the end of our play session. We played with change of direction on a circle in trot was great had a great draw into me and she felt so connected We just played about on that for a while on our 22ft but it started getting wrecked with water and sand lol There was a girl on the beach riding her horse too but she doesn’t do Parelli the horse got down and rolled Phoebe just looked at it as we trotted past without me holding onto the 22ft lol it was wrapped around her neck she cared more about me than the horse YAY Then just did some random riding around on the beach lol and went for a bit of a swim in the sea 

Then on Monday I decided to try to move our online patterns up to level 2 standard so wanted to try out maybe the feet for touch it and see how we went with trotting a figure eight. Well I really just love how smart my little LBI is she got the idea straight away on both patterns it was so much fun we used the ramp of the horse box for our touch it but I didn’t have her face towards the inside had her facing as if she was going to walk across the ramp but we just went for a level 2 touch it it was great  Positivity goes a long way 

Yesterday I continued on with our online patterns and Phoebe actually offered to go into the trailer it was great she just walked right in after we did touch it on the ramp she is so funny she saw food and went right on up typical LBI lol Worked a bit on our yo-yo and squeeze games too trying to put them to a purpose back Phoebe over a pole and squeezed her between me and the trailer and when she turned and faced me I got her to just touch the side of the trailer with her nose 😀

Just did the same with Phoebe today by working on the patterns she is really starting to understand them now after only THREE DAYS she is so smart 😀  Tried the yearling/pony halter I have for Dreamer on her today and it fits her and she is less than five months old lol going to be a big horsey 😛 Just played around a bit with the first three games because I haven’t played with her in a while have been letting her off to just be with her horsey pals and spending some undemanding time with her it’s great fun and she just loves to hang about until she gets a little LBE buzz and has to run around but she always comes back to me I love when she does that she wants to be with me YAY 😀

Well that’s all for now guys

Shauna 😀


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