Shauna's Parelli Journal

21st of April 2010
April 21, 2010, 6:40 pm
Filed under: Parelli

Hey everyone 😀

So today our playground had horses grazing in it so we couldn’t use that to play in when I wanted to play with Dreamer so we played touch it with the trailer and played some of the seven games around the trailer too 😀 Still haven’t really got the hang of the driving game but that’s just me not Dreamer obviously because they already know the seven games 😀  So she played level 1 of touch it everywhere on the trailer it was great got her mammy to walk straight on and she normally doesn’t even like the trailer so I was pretty happy with her today as well as with Dreamer so we had a productive day 😀

Onto Phoebe 😀 So I decided to ride out again today she seemed ok with the seven games today so I hopped on up and off we went around the field with Bobby still there because I normally ride in my playground too so just stuck to the field and Bobby kept trying to protect us from the horses in the playground and we didn’t really get to do much so this was annoying Phoebe as she was in one of her extroverted days so I hopped off and we played online a bit she walked trotted and cantered beside me it was great did a little drop jump up and down after me she is such a little show of online isn’t she? Again need to figure the driving game out a bit for myself and how to use it with my girls because I just seem to have a mental block with it and we need it for the other games further on so we are kind of stuck there but we are getting creative with other stuff and trying to keep moving forward so we are getting there.  I am also saving up for the new level 1/2 so if we can get that then I will be very happy and hopefully it will unstick me lol if that is even a word 😀

So that’s all for today,

From Shauna and the gang 😀


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